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    Byblos is a modernised community that is located in Lebanon. It is unique in a way that it is typically being referred to as among the most ancient and inhabited cities all over the world. Most visitors to this area agree that there is a lot of interesting tourist attractions in the area, starting from the exploration of the ruins on which the city was built, to witnessing the sunset right from the beach.


    Here are some of the Byblos attractions that you should include in your itinerary when visiting this city in Lebanon.


    Byblos Archaeological Site


    If you are fond of archaeology and digging finds, you will certainly find that the things that you can do in Byblos Archaeological Site as extremely interesting. You can indulge in a historical tour that will allow you to visit some interesting locations, such as the Crusader Castle, which is located right in the entrance, adding a unique touch to the site, featuring Roman, Greek and Neolithic ruins.


    Mediaeval Ramparts


    Just inside the modern wall that is located on the right part of the entrance of the Castle, you can find glacis, ramparts and city walls dating back in the 3rd and 2nd millennia B.C. The structures that you can find here present some successive phases of the construction, as well as the restoration of the ramparts.


    Crusader Castle Byblos


    This castle is actually a structure surrounded by dry and wide moat that spans 10 meters. This is situated just in the entrance, adding a unique ambiance to the area. The castle also provides a panoramic view on the ruins, especially if you climb into the crenellated roofs and towers. You can also find a fortified central tower where you can indulge in the glamour of the surroundings.


    The Souk


    The Souk is one of the Byblos attractions in the city which is developed just right outside the medieval entrance. These days, you can still find some craftsmen still preserving their traditions. You can also find some antiquities stores, as well as other businesses available in the area.


    Byblos Port


    The port of Byblos has been existing for several decades already, and is considered as one of the oldest port in the entire country. Upon visiting Byblos, it is important to note that you will not just be visiting a port city, but also one that is filled with history which is closely associated with the Mediterranean for several decades already.


    Ehmej Cedars and Lakes


    If you want to visit surrounding areas, Ehmej is a good place to go. It serves as home to a small population that is well-famed because of its environmental tourism and deep forests. From amazing camping sites, and different outdoor games, you can be assured that there is something for you to enjoy in this area.


    If we talk about history, there is no doubt that the town of Byblos can be considered as one of the oldest in the world. Therefore, if you are planning to visit this area anytime soon, why not explore the best Byblos attractions, and the different things to do in Byblos, and be able to indulge in local living, which may be different from your current lifestyle back home.

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