• Things To Do In Bordeaux

    Things To Do In Bordeaux

    Taste Bordeaux Wine

    Bordeaux is known in the world as the second largest wine producing region. Visit this place to learn much about wine. Learn how it is produced and stored. Make sure that you take some wine for yourself. Visiting here is very stunning during summer when wine tasting sessions are held, in various tasting grounds in Bordeaux.  

    Tour chartrons District

    This beautiful district is worthy visiting. There are big mansions with warehouses here. Many boutiques are also found in this district.

    Taste Bordeaux delicious meals

    In Bordeaux there is that culture of taking food with beer or wine. Here there is delicious fresh oyster, beef, delicious rum and yummy vanilla cakes.

    Visit Bordeaux Cathedral

    This is one of the religious buildings in Bordeaux. Its décor were destroyed long time. It hosts décor from other buildings. Beautiful gothic architecture will excitedly welcome you in this magnificent cathedral. It has a north portal built as a royal entrance and contains last supper images. Climb up to the tower to have a spectacular view of the whole Bordeaux city. Get more information about other amazing places and activities to engage.

    Tour La Cite du Vin

    This is a beautiful wine centre. It is an ultra modern cultural centre that was built for the celebrations of wine. Enjoy great sessions of how, where and the whole history of wine in this magnificent building. Indulge your curiosity by visiting this building with a 55 meter tower. It is built in the middle of a river and a wet dock.

    Enjoy your trip to Place de La Bourse

    In Bordeaux, most of the buildings were constructed during the medieval era. Cool and relax in this stunning square where water mirror will cool you down. The water reflects this building making it more beautiful and modern. Walk closely to the building to view sculptured faces at the building arches. Make your moment here very memorable by taking photos in this beautiful place.

    Visit Grand Theatre de Bordeaux

    This theatre was made by architect victor Louis. Visit here to make your time enjoyable. The sight of portico and 12 statues of masses and goddess in night light will excite you. Inside decorations of blue and gold makes the building more attractive. To sum it up in this theatre make sure that you have seen the performance by Bordeaux national opera.

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