• Things To Do In Berchtesgaden

    Things To Do In Berchtesgaden

    Visit Hitler’s Eagles Nest

    This is one of the most amazing tourist attractions in Berchtesgaden. It is 3000 feet above the floor of the valley. A bus connects you from Nazi documentation centre to the mountain road. You will user a long tunnel from the entrance to arrive to the chalet. Its interior is beautifully decorated and has a fire place. Hike for more 300 feet before you reach the mountain cross peak. Enjoy yourself and make the tour memorable by taking photos. Cement platforms from the guns that protected this chalet from air attacks are found here. 

    King’s Lake visit

    Alpine mountains line this lake. Visit this deepest lake in Germany. It is surrounded by Jenner, Hagen and Watzmann beautiful mountains. Hop into an electric passenger ferry and move past waterfalls and mountains through this amazing lake. Taste fish delicacies served here in the nearby restaurants. As you continue you will come across a white church of St. Bartholoma. It has domes painted red. Above the church discover ice chapel and Obersee, where there is a large waterfall.

    Tour a Salt Mine.

    This old salt mine was opened in 1517. Open your other chapter by visiting this stunning place. Know how salt is mined, and also visit an amazing underground lake. Enjoy too sliding down the wooden miner slides that are 120 feet long. Visit this mine any time of the year.

    Berchtesgaden’s Festival

    Enjoy the Oktoberfest and May Day Berchtesgaden’s fun and amazing festivals. During the Christmas, you will enjoy Krampus. Watch Buttmandls men with demon masks and straw suits running up and down the town to scare away winter solstice darkness and bring spring.  

    Berchtesgaden National Park

    This beautiful 210 square kilometers park offers the best hike in this land. Hike from St. Bartholoma to Watzmann Ostwand or from southern end of the Konigssee to Obersee.

    Braustuberl Beer Hall

    The most fun dinning and drinking experiences are found here. Grab beer and a plate of traditional dishes and relax as you watch or join sing along to live music. It becomes interesting fully on Fridays when men dance as they; thigh snap, heel whack and whip snap. Décor on the wall of the hall are super amazing.


    Sommerrdelbahn Slide

    Family fan awaits you here. The 2000 feet metal Luge slides you down and up again at the mountain. It has so much fun that you will like to do a lot of trips.

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