• Things To Do In Asia

    Being world’s largest, most populous and most exciting place you can visit, Asia will Amaze you. There are several Asia attractions that brand it as the best place you can visit in your lifetime. The things to do in Asia include the following.


    Hiking in Mt Fuji


    Located in Japan, Mt Fuji has been featured in several travel magazines as the best hiking destination in Japan and Asia by extension. 12,388 feet available for you to conquer through 4 main trails which include Yoshida, Subashiri, Gotemba, and Fujinomiya. The mountain is visible from Tokyo which is 100 kilometres away. There are pretty basic places where you can stay when you go hiking in Mt Fuji. These are equipped with a Japanese sleeping mat, and you will also get a sleeping bag. Fujisan hotel is also another location where you can stay if you want a more decent place. The hotel will be accessible through the 8th station, and you will get dinner treats which include the Japanese rice. When going hiking at Mt Fuji, you should carry the basic camping items which include hiking poles, waterproof cover for your belongings and some snacks to keep you going as you conquer this Japanese natural beauty.


    Travel to Guilin China


    Another top Asia attractions is Guilin landscape in China. This is one of the places to visit in Asia that has helped China become one of the best destinations for global tourists. The place can be found in South China, and one of the things to do in Asia will be to see a natural beauty and the great historic treasures of the people of China. The stunning landscape of Guilin which includes strangely shaped hills and the vegetation around the hills would be great scenery for a photo shoot as you enjoy your tour of Asia. The Guilin city is a historic treasure for the people of China for over 2000 years. You will get to see a lot here including Li River. One of the things to do in Asia when you are in this place will be cruising on Li River.  


    Learn about Gods and Demons of Indonesian Bali Community

    One of the things to do in Asia tour should be to learn about the worship rituals of the Bali people. These people will practice their daily rituals which they believe will help them in identifying the good and the evil. These believe the good and bad spirits should be given the same attention. While there, you will learn more about these rituals as they make their Canang Sari which is a daily offering they make to their god. They will first practice self-sacrifice before they sacrifice this offering. The process will be so exciting to watch over your trip to Asian countries.



    Therefore, if you are planning a trip to the great nations of Asia, these are some of the places you need to consider and visit. There are lots of other Asia attractions which offer great things to do in Asia for the thousands of tourist from all over the world.  

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