• The Top Tourist Attractions In Madrid

    There isn’t a place quite like Madrid to have a truly quintessential Spanish experience. From the history to the culture and the architecture, not to mention the food, Madrid is the place where Spain truly comes alive. Hot on the list of places to visit, Madrid tourism is something unique and special at every turn.


    There are countless things to do in Madrid never a dull moment to encounter. The capital of Spain and the third-largest European city, Madrid tourist attractions are brimming with memorable encounters. From plazas to parks and paella to ignite the senses, Madrid tourism is something special.


    These things to do in Madrid and things to see surely will not disappoint you during a visit to the Spanish capital.


    Plaza De Cibele


    The marble stone structures that perpetuate neo-classical styling are the first thing you will notice in this gorgeous building. This is the central point of Madrid, so it makes for a good starting place with Madrid tourist attractions. There are two major busy intersections that meet at this Plaza.


    San Francisco El Grande Basilica


    This royal basilica is a breathtaking Roman Catholic Church that has gorgeous neo-classical styling. A wonderful place to visit to feel like you’re being transported back in time and to be inspired by the detailed artwork, a walk through this basilica should be top of the list of attractions that drive the Madrid tourism.


    Real Jardin Botanico Madrid


    For some gorgeous, lush greenery in the heart of the city, the botanic gardens of Madrid do not disappoint. This 20-acre site contains plant species from all over the world with a large variety coming from South America. It is a classic garden with historic plants as well as informative sign postings for an educational experience.


    The Royal Palace of Madrid


    This is one of the largest palaces in Europe; spread over 1.4 million square feet and featuring 3,418 rooms. It is a truly impressive and magnificent structure both inside and out. The Royal Palace tops the list of Madrid tourist attractions and is a place where you will truly feel like a prince or princess. There is also an audio guide available so that you can learn more about the historical significance of each part of the palace. The range of insightful paintings by prominent artists such as Velazquez and de Goya also provide plenty to look at around this palace. It is easy to spend an entire day in this wonderful place.


    Sorolla Museum


    This museum features key pieces of artwork by 20th-century maestro Joaquin Sorolla. It was originally the artist's residence until it was converted to a museum after his death in 1923. The interesting thing about the artwork of Sorolla is that his paintings depict how life was for families in Madrid in the 20th century. It is a great way to gain some social insight into everyday life in this exceptional city. There is also a lush garden that is quite picturesque.


    Without a doubt, Madrid tourism provides you with a lot of things to do in Madrid making it a unique and memorable experience.



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