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    Doctors dealing with HIV infection patients for more than Two Decade have one desire: to be able someday to prescribe their patients a precise HIV cure. Regardless of vital advances towards this remedy, they are facing major problems outside the scientific area: hypocrisy, greed, lobbying, ruining of money and also political pretense. A change of minds and practices is needed before a clinical prepare for a cure could do well.


    While antiretroviral therapy has actually considerably improved life span in HIV-infected clients who have accessibility to it, it does not eliminate the virus from the body. HIV continues to be surprise in some cells, the 'HIV storage tanks', situated in different anatomic areas. Finding a precise HIV infection remedy implies a better understanding of the devices preserving these reservoirs. It additionally needs technology, commitment and control.


    There are scientists all over the world that continuously defend a globe devoid of HIV/AIDS and also introduce new campaigns.


    Since 2003, there is the 'International Workshop on HIV Determination, Reservoirs & Obliteration Techniques' that invites every two-year the 200 top quality scientists actively involved in HIV reservoirs research. Additionally referred as the 'Saint Martin Workshop', the conference is identified as the authority workshop in the field by researchers as well as medical journals. The next edition is arranged December 6-9, 2011.


    There is likewise the 'International Symposium on HIV & Emerging Contagious Conditions (ISHEID)' to be kept in Marseilles, France, May 23-25, 2012, with a major topic: 'Searching for a HIV remedy'. Compared to the workshop, the ISHEID is dedicated to a more comprehensive medical target market.


    Ultimately, to advertise continual scientific conversations between professionals servicing HIV tanks, a group of researchers released last fall an internet portal for the 'Study Community on HIV Reservoirs as well as Obliteration Methods", which is certainly a success, with a large amount of links and exchanges.


    Doctor handling HIV-infected individuals as well as researchers can not steer clear of being activist. Since, besides the scientific difficulties for accomplishing a HIV cure they are dealing with, much more difficulties exist, which are better to national politics than to scientific research.


    The existing fact is that main firms invest outrageous funds in HIV remedy study; medicine business like to greatly purchase the marketing of their juicy antiretroviral drugs to satisfy their shareholders as well as have short-term benefits, as well as personal structures largely grow to be in the forefront of the media, with no various other objective that their working budget plan.


    There is a worldwide frame of mind to alter, if we do not want to be accountable for even more fatalities from HIV/AIDS.


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