• Strasbourg Attraction

    Strasbourg Attraction

    Strasbourg Cathedral

     Enjoy the look of this stunning tall building built during medieval era. This cathedral has a 140 meters tall tower. On top of the tower you view the 30 kilometers away black forest. You will be welcomed by its gothic architecture and a lot of sculptures. Climb up to 332 steps of the same tower to have a wider view of the whole Strasbourg city. 

    La Petite Francein Strasbourg

    This is one of the amazing regions of Strasbourg. The area features bridges, half-timbered houses and buildings built with sandstones. Wood merchants lived here long time ago. This building is a world heritage site of UNESCO. 

    Alsatian Museum

    Visit this museum to discover items from rural life starting from 18th to 20th century. Past costumes and clothes, suits for farmers and upper class garments will make you admire the whole place. Make a tour to Strasbourg old houses that are connected by staircases and passage ways made of wood. To discover more in Strasbourg simply. 

    Strasbourg wine, beer,Alsatian food and gastronomy

    Alsace produces grape wine for France. Whenyou visit Strasbourg do not forget to taste their spicy and sweet wine. Wines are produced around this region of Strasbourg. Tasting sessions can bevery exciting. Take time here and enjoy the traditional meal. Taste flambee, bread dough and roasted asparagus served with lentils and wildeggs. People in Strasbourg like gastronomy, a choucroute which is made of grated cabbage, cooked with sausage and potatoes. This reflects the real traditional culture of France.  


    Have a picnic with your family in this place and they would always want to come back another time.Games and activities for children and youths mostly take place here. They can learn math, garden life, building, water and human body. Let the child learn and have fun at the same time.  

    Zoological Museum

     This is where all fun is. This museum is located inside university campuses of Strasbourg. Real wildlife life is in this zoo. Enjoy viewing different birds, insects, turtles, kangaroos, extinct animals, zebras, lions and marine animals. Children enjoy fun activities and exhibitions held in this zoo.   

    European Parliament

    Get a guided tour to this beautiful building and learn a lot about the history of Europe. Children are allowed to take part in parliament sessions. The decorations and the colors of the building will amaze you.

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