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    Where Is Spain?


    Spain is a striking country located in the South-Western Part of the European continent. The country covers a total area of 505,990 square kilometres.  It occupies almost 85% of Iberian Peninsula making it the fifty-second largest country in the world. The Mediterranean Sea borders Spain to the east and southern part of the nation, while Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west side. The Bay of Biscay and France also border the nation.


    Spain is a fairy-tale country abundant in snow Cape Mountains, sophisticated cities, stone castles, and an array of monuments. All the places to visit have made it a favoured Europe getaway spot. where is Spain is a jewel since it is the only county in that world that borders two main coastlines. The country has a rich cultural, historical, and geographical diversity. The heartland topography consists of tall plateaus, and mountains.


    The mountain ranges include Montes de Toledo, Cantabrian Range and more. The ranges have sprawling forests and tall peaks. There are also several drainages that pass through the beautiful country including Guadiana, Ebro, Douro, Guadalquivir, and Tagus, which is ranked among the longest rivers in Europe. 




    Now that know Spain’s location, let us go back into history. In the 15th century under the Catholic Monarch, the country developed as a unified county. Spain later gained its independence in the year 1479.  Currently, Spain has a population of 47,042,984. People use the Euro, and its citizens are the Spanish. Madrid is the capital city and the political centre of the nation.


    Places to Visit in Spain


    Spain is among the culturally standing country in Europe. It is the third country after China and Italy to have the most World Heritage Sites on the planet. There are many tourist attractions including forty-four historic sites. The different cultures that have made up Spain include the Castilians, Arabs, Lusitanian’s, Catalonians, Jews and Galician’s. They are known for their array of customs, architecture, art, cuisines, music, and significant contribution to the artistic heritage of the globe.


    In Spain, you will never run out of places to visit. You can venture to the Familia in Barcelona, Aqueduct of Segovia, Camino de Santiago de Compostela, and Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Spain is full of incredible islands such as Ibiza, which is one of the Balearic Islands. Madrid is the most historic city in the country. It has preserved most of the Roman monuments.


    The tour does not end in Madrid. You can take a trip down memory lane to Alhambra. It is a palace located at Granada constructed in 1984. Do you want a feel of heaven on earth? Then, Sagrada Familia is the place to explore. It is an outstanding Roman Catholic Church situated in Barcelona. Ibiza is the best Spain location for relaxation. Here you will find fun activities such in its restaurants, swimming spots, bars, and nightclubs.

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