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    Plitvice Lakes

    National Park


    This park is a forest reserve of 295-sq.-km which is located in central Croatia. The Park is well-known for its tropical rain forests and terraced lakes that are interlinked by waterfalls. These lakes and waterfalls are known to attract millions of tourists from across the world. Besides the waterfalls and lakes, there are numerous hiking spots and walkways for trekking. You can have the best experience trekking from one point to another in the tropical rain forests. These forests are a home to many animal species, and you will enjoy seeing all of them of trek in the forests. There is an electric boat that links the 12 upper lakes with the 4 lower lakes. Below are things to do in Plitvice Lakes National Park.


    Take a Visit to the Korana River


    Located in central Croatia and Western Bosnia, this is nice river that cuts through the thick tropical rain forests. The river has excellent shores where you can find places to relax and enjoy its streaming as it cuts rocks to make a one continuous water body. For activities like kayaking, boat rides, and fishing, this is the best river that you can enjoy all these activities. It is among the best places to visit in Plitvice Lakes National Park.


    Lower Lakes


    These lakes are located in Korana, and they are known to have the best waterfalls. The lower lakes are ideal for kayaking, boat rides, and even diving because they are deep enough. These lakes also contain aquatic animals like fish and other creatures. The 12 upper lakes are known to have waterfalls that connect with the 4 water lakes. This is the reason why lower lakes are greater than the upper lakes because the lower lakes are a contribution of all the waterfalls of the 12 upper lakes.




    These are wooden pathways that are located in the middle of thick forests and wonderful waterfalls. They are normally located in the places where the 12 upper lakes are situated. When you walk on them, you will have fascinating view of the waterfalls, and you will be in a position to take excellent pictures of the waterfalls. These cascades are always maintained therefore they are safe for walking on.




    If you are still looking for what to do in Plitvice Lakes National Park, this place is among the best ones to tour. It is an old structure that is situated at a very serene and cool place. Located in the thick tropical rain forest, you can relax on its upper floors and take a picture of the Arial view of the forest. Many people like it because it has excellent spots and spaces where you can relax and enjoy eating your food or drinking wine as you witness the nearby surrounding.


    To conclude, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a fully packed attraction that has the best amenities to make people enjoy. You will have the best time visiting the fascinating waterfalls and lakes because that is the main source of amusement that is confined in this area. The nearby villages have excellent hotels and restaurants where you can buy excellent food and drinks to enjoy yourself.

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