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    Split is a town in Croatia and lies on the Dalmatian Coast. It is a place that is commonly known for the beaches found there. Many tourists love touring Split because it is a vibrant town to be in that offers them so much fun as loads of so many things to do in Split.  There are several options for what to do in Split Croatia including the following;


    A Tour of the Old Town


    One of the things to do in Split that you will love includes taking a tour of the old town. This part of town is described as the oldest and believed to have been founded in the 4th century. Then the Emperor was called Diocletian, and he built the palace which was supposed to serve as his retirement home. This palace continues to serve as the best historical site that has ever been discovered in Split. In your tour of the old town, you will get to see the narrow cobbled streets and also discover the hidden alleyways as you enjoy the architectural buildings that were built by the ancient people of Split. The Palace in the old town was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.


    Learn about Splits Neighbours.


    These neighbourhoods were created as a result of the construction of the Palace. These neighbourhoods included Varos, Dobri, Lucac, and Manus. They were established in the 16th century and are currently part of Split. The people in these places were fishermen and peasants. If you visit the Place where they inhibited, you will get to see some of the remains of the boats that they used.


    Visit the Marjan Hill


    This is a famous hill in Split and measures 178 metres high. It is set in the small Peninsula, on the Northwest of the old town. To date, this place serves as a recreational spot that is closest to the city centre. You can go jogging there, enjoy biking, or even just relax as you unwind. There is even a café at the end of the hill where you can have some drinks as you learn more about the people of split. There are also churches that were built there which include St. Jere Church built in the 15th Century, Church of Our Lady of Good Council and also the Church of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows.


    A Visit to Split Museum


    There is the town museum which is a tourist attraction centre that is located in a building that was constructed in the 15th Century. The archaeological museum of Split is one of the places to visit in Split where you will see the artefacts collected in the churches in the 15th century.  The other museum that you should visit is the Ethnographic museum where you will see nice pottery and traditional clothing. There, you will learn more about the people of Split including the Jewellery they wore in the ancient years.


    Split is a place where you can learn about the history of Croatia. There are several things to do in Split. Visit and enjoy a tour of different places.

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