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    Rosario is Argentina`s port city that is gradually becoming a tourist attraction city. Rosario is in Santa Fe province and is the largest city within the province and 3rd largest city in Argentina. It is a popular destination that attracts visitors who come to see the vibrant culture and enjoy the night life. Here are some of the answers to what to do in Rosario.


    Visit the National Flag Memorial


    The monument was planted on the cliffs of the Parana River in the year 1872 by Manuel Belgrano. This was a historical fact that was welcomed by the locals and also the foreigners who travel there for sightseeing tours. The people of Rosario have always remained welcoming to the foreigners who travel there to see the great monument. Being at the city, visiting the monument should be on top of your list of Things to do in Rosario. Visit the monument and see how an idea of ancient people of Rosario has today been transformed into a landmark of great significance to the people of Rosario.


    The Independence Park


    This is a park that is in Rosario city, and it is a public park. You can visit the park to see the rose garden that was finished in 1915 and has several species of roses and sculptures. Further inside the park, you will see the French garden which was built in 1942 and has many flower arrangements including a marble fountain. If you are travelling with the children, you can visit the Children’s Garden which is right at the centre of the park to enjoy the amusement activities in there and also for the children to enjoy the educational facilities. Or better still, you can take the children to the provincial museum which is also within the park.


    Sightseeing at Juan B Castagnino Fine Arts Museum


    This is a museum that is just next to the independence park and is the most important arts centre within the city of Rosario. The museum was once one of the best buildings, and this was around the year 1936. It has two stories and a total of 35 exhibition rooms within the park. Walk inside, and you will learn why it is one of the most important art museums in Rosario. The museum is usually packed with lots of people, and there are several students coming there on the weekends. It is divided into two sections with one section featuring the art from the artists of Argentina, and the other is the European arts collection. Therefore, you will have a good opportunity to sample artwork from the two sides which also means that you will see variety. You will note that the Argentina artwork features several engravings that have been signed by various artists. You will get to learn the visions of the Rosario art creators and those others from the European side as well.


    Argentina is a country with several travel destinations, and Rosario is just one of the many. When you visit Rosario, you will have an opportunity to learn a lot about the country of Argentina. Visit the above places to visit in Rosario.

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