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    Georgia is the country that intersects Europe and Asia. It was in the past years a Soviet republic that borders Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. Based on the unique positioning in the global map, this is a country that attracts very many visitors annually. Here are some of the top Things to do in Georgia.


    Visit the Gergeti Trinity Church as You Enjoy Trekking There


    This is a top attraction site that is also a favourite hiking place for many people. The Gergeti Church is located in a village called Gergeti hence the name.  This is a place that attracts serious trekkers because of the unique hiking landscape it provides.  Before you proceed, note that visitors are advised to hire a guide when trekking to this place.  The church is believed to have been built in the 14th century. The hikers who have been there say that the hike from the base is around 2170 meters and this takes most people about 2 hours to make it to the top. There will be stunning scenery once you reach the top and therefore you will enjoy taking photos of yourself and fellow hikers. There are restaurants located near the base, and therefore you can have more fun there after the hike.


    Climb Mount Kazbek


    This is the landmark that marks the boundaries of the great nation of Georgia and Russia. It is located 100 kilometres from the capital of Georgia Tbilisi. The best base point where you can start the climb is at Kazbegi village which you will find on your way from Tbilisi. Note that the summit is around 5000 metres when using the normal route. The first time trekkers can try it out through the normal route which is not demanding technically. Visitors to this place are advised to first check with the weatherman t5o make sure they carry appropriate gear when going for the hike. During the summer season, carrying your standard glacier will be okay. There are different guide companies that will help you in making sure you have the right directions and can accompany you on request at a standard fee. You will have various options to choose from depending on the number of days you would like to spend there.


    Visit Tusheti National Park


    This is a historic location that served as home to the people of Tush. It is a place with breathtaking scenery and made of soaring peaks and several grass hills. You will find several villages around the park as you walk towards the park this place is common grazing field, and therefore you will come across sheep and another domestic livestock.


    Sightseeing at Tbilisi


    This being the capital of the country, you will see the countries modernity in totality since this is where all the major services can be found. The major place to visit will be the old city where you will have several views of the gothic buildings constructed in the ancient years. What to do in Georgia when you visit the capital includes checking out the medley of mysterious churches and the timber balconies.


    There are several places to visit in Georgia. When travelling to the country, you are advised to book with one of the tour guide companies so as to maximise the experience of your tour.

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