• Places To Visit In Frankfurt

    Places To Visit In Frankfurt

    Rhine Valley and Rhine River

    Get a great experience of this river and valley. Rhine River is about 766 miles. It can take several days to visit the whole of it. Take a short time to enjoy the Rhine river cruise from Kaub to Rudesheim. Do not forget to visit Rhine valley villages, vineyards and medieval casts. Many wine bars and shops Rudesheim will allow you to have a wine tasting and dinner sessions.  

    St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

    On visiting here, you will be welcomed by the beautiful display of medieval architecture. This church has a tower standing 95m from the ground. The beautiful decoration of this tower with gothic decorations designs makes it be more attractive. If you need to view the whole city and other areas, then there must be an effort. You must climb 300 steps to reach to the top of the tower.

    Main Tower

    This is the only tower that has public viewing point. It stands 200 meters from the ground. Main Tower is the fourth tallest tower in Germany. It features two pieces of modern art that will blow your mind with excitement.

    Goethe House and Museum

    Visit this museum that has beautiful interior, furnished with contemporary artifacts. Goethe house is attached to a museum of romantic art. It contains late Baroque and Romantic period masterpieces. If you climb to the tower of Goethe house you will get a clear view of the whole city.

    River Nidda

    Starting in spring when the river is good, you can take a walk along this river. A bike ride is also interesting along this river. Enjoy the fascinating animals and landscape along this river. You can have a relaxation moment or a picnic with your family, friend or as a couple.

    Palmagarten of Frankfurt

    Take a stroll along this beautiful garden of rowing boats on the ponds with your family or a friend during a weekend. This is the biggest garden in Germany that is worth your time.


    Visit this tall main square. It is featured with houses that have medieval photos, church and an administrative building. Romerburg square has vertical windows and gable roofs that are steep. Enjoy the colors of these houses during sunny time.

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