• Places To Visit In England

    England hosts the most populous city in Europe and is also a top destination for the tourist. There are several things to do in England including the following.


    Visit Chinatown in London


    The Chinese cuisines you have always wished to taste can be found in Chinatown which is at the East end of London. The place welcomed many Chinese immigrants in the 20th century and has grown to become one of the greatest places to visit in England offering you what to do in London. Loved by many, the place will give you a chance to taste various Chinese dishes in the restaurants found within the centre.


    Sightseeing at the Historical Hadrian`s Wall


    Built in AD 112, this wall was a defensive fortification work done by the Romans. You will learn a lot about the advocacy of the then Emperor who the wall is named after. This wall spread from the west to east coast towns of Ravenglass and Wallsend respectively. During the time of Emperor Hadrian, the wall served as a taxation and customs point. When you visit England, don’t forget to visit this wall you will get a chance to take nice historical photos at the place. A big portion of the wall was reconstructed by John Clayton in the 19th century to serve as a great monumental structure.


    Visit the British Museum in England


    Established in 1753, the museum hosts various collections of artifacts totalling to over 8 million. Therefore, you will have a chance to see the best artwork of the people of England. Each day, the doors will open at 10.am and closes at 5.30. The good thing is that you will enjoy a free entry. Therefore visit this museum if you are looking for what to do in London, it offers great recreational opportunity as you learn about the artifacts that are important to the people of London.



    The Royal Observatory


    The history of astronomy lies in this centre in London. A visit to the royal observatory is one of the things to do since you will learn about the history of astronomy and the art of navigation the major reason why this centre was constructed. The unique positioning of the centre makes it a unique and excellent tourist attraction in England. Therefore, you should plan to visit the centre and learn more about the things you hear daily about astronomy.


    The Warwick Castle


    This is a mediaeval castle constructed in 1068 and attracts thousands of visitors who visit England. The castle was re-built in the 12th century using bricks after the wooden Motte and barley were demolished. The castle has a great history about the rulers of England and therefore an ideal place to visit and learn about the ancient rulers. The castle is usually open from Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 5 P.m. a great place to be over your visit to England.



    England has several other things to do, and this is the reason why it attracts dozens of new visitors daily. Therefore, plan for to visit England and see a lot more. 

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