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    Denmark is a small Scandinavian country whose capital is Copenhagen. The country neighbours Sweden to the east, Germany to the south, and Norway to the North, with the UK on the west side. Connecting to Germany from Denmark you can travel directly via land. The unique location of Denmark makes it attractive to international tourist including those coming from the neighbouring region. The places to visit in Denmark include the following;


    Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen


    After arrival at the capital’s airport, you are likely to begin thinking what to do in Denmark as you wait for the great event that brought you to Denmark. For most visitors, they will visit this Amusement park in Copenhagen where they have a chance to see different things about Denmark including learning the dressing code of the local people and also tasting different foods sold at the restaurants inside the park.  Therefore, on arrival, you can visit the Tivoli garden for a sightseeing tour. The things to do in Tivoli gardens include relaxing within the park as you appreciate the beauty of the land. Several people choose it because it is centrally placed and an ideal place to sit and relax as they enjoy watching what other people are doing. You can as well enjoy performances and unlimited rides at the amusement park. Bring your children over the weekend for a fun-filled day.  This is a place you will meet many local people and interact with them as you learn more about Denmark.


    Visit the Little Mermaid


    This is the most photographed statue in Denmark. Therefore, if you are looking for the things to do in Denmark, you can pay a visit to the Little Mermaid a masterpiece of a legendary sculptor called Edvard Eriksen that was erected in the early 19th century. In the year 2013, Denmark celebrated the first 100 years of the mermaid. The sculptor has been through a lot in her life including being featured in several movies. This is a place that attracts over one million visitors every year, and therefore you should make an effort of being here for your chance to take a photo and learn more about the little mermaid the most celebrated in Copenhagen and Denmark as a whole.


    See the Moving Dune at Rabjerg Mile


    Here, you will come across the dune that moves at the speed of 15 metres per year. It is impressive scenery and mostly an obvious visit site for the thousands of new visitors coming into Denmark every year. History has it that the Dune occurred in the 16th century when there was the great sand drift in that region. You can track the dunes movement up to the stones of Rabjerg where it is believed to have started. Every year, it has been ending towards the East where a forest is located. There are several ways in which you can reach the dune including by footpath from Rabjerg Church.


    Denmark is a country where you will experience a lot of fun, and therefore a must visit place with several things to do.

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