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    Aarhus is a city in Jutland peninsula’s east coast Denmark. It is unique due to its old timbered buildings that are scattered on almost every corner of the streets. Being a coastal town, there are spellbinding beaches that are full of wonderful activities. The town is also filled with museums and wonderful attraction spots where people can tour and enjoy the fascinating view of these places. Most of the museums in this region contain the historical data of the town and what happened in the past. An example of such museum is the Viking museum. Below is a list of what to do in Aarhus when you visit the city.


    1. Den Gamle by- the Old Town Museum


    This is an open air museum that was built near on the shores of a river. It opened in 1914 and since then up to now, it has been standing as the first and largest open air museum in the world. It is known to receive over 400,000 visitors in a year meaning it is among the top performing museums outside Copenhagen. Besides the artefacts and wonderful decorations inside the museum; there are also wonderful botanical gardens that you can visit and see their beautifulness. It is a place that you should carry your camera because there are a lot of things to do in this region. There are many Things to do in Aarhus therefore choose the few best locations that you visit to get the best experience.


    1. ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum 


    This is one of the largest museums in Denmark that stores art galleries. It was opened in 1859 and since then up to now, it has been adored by many people due to its amazing collections. The collections confined in this museum are only from the legendry artistes who used to do amazing designing, engineering and other technical work. It is a ten Storey museum with an art café at the top where people can enjoy coffee while viewing the nearby towns from above. It is therefore among the best places to visit in Aarhus. It features the best artistes’ work like the likes ofÓlafurElíasson, BjørnNørgaard and Ingvar Cronhammar.

    1. Moesgaard Museum


    This is a Danish museum that is dedicated in storing archaeological and ethnographical galleries. It has the best and stylishly designed buildings that make it to be an attractive spot. It is an ideal museum that is used both for exhibitions and research which means it has the best enriching collections. Most of the findings from Denmark’s ancient past are located on this museum.


    1. Tivoli Friheden


    This is an amusement park that is located 2km from the city centre, and it is known to have the best activities to do. It received 359,000 visitors in the year 2009 alone which makes it to be among the top visited places in Denmark. It is a complex of attractions that people take the whole day to visit and view of them.


    To conclude, don’t get confused on what to do in Aarhus, there are many attractions that you can tour and enjoy yourself. Most of them charge people to tour those areas, therefore, make sure that you plan your journey to enjoy it.

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