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    Panama is a beautiful city in St. Andrew Bay in Florida. The place is widely known for having the best seafood restaurants that also offer top-notch wines and drinks. Across this enchanting bay is the panama beach that has a lot of activities to enjoy. You can as well go for Dolphin safaris or swim in the beach waters as the summer sun is up on the sky. For those who love adventure, there are many trails in Panama that you can use to fulfil your trekking and adventure purposes. The places mentioned below are a list of the Panama City Attractions that you can tour to enjoy yourself.


    1. Gulf World Marine Park


    It is a well-maintained park that has a lot of aquatic species.  The park is known to have big sharks and other marine creatures like dolphins. When you visit the place, you will have the opportunity to go for boat rides and enjoy watching the wonderful creatures of the ocean playing and swimming live. Most tourists are taken to the waters by the Marine Park employees to go and see dolphins, sharks and whales. You will be given the proper gear for the journey so that you see the creatures and hear their sound as they play in their places of stay.


    1. Man in the Sea Museum


    This museum is located at Panama beach in Florida. It is a marine museum that contains equipment and galleries of the old diving activities. It is in this museum that you will have the best information regarding diving, swimming and other sea activities, how they used to be done in the past and how they are being done at the moment. It is a Panama City Attraction that people should tour to learn the history of diving and other sea activities.


    1. Pirates Island Panama City Beach


    Pirates Island is an outstanding venue that is comprised of beautiful gardens and resting places where people can visit and have fun. The place is well-maintained with rear to find plant species that water fountains. It is a perfect place to visit especially during sunny season when the weather is conducive to make you enjoy every aspect of the Island uninterrupted. Carry your camera so that you take photos of the panoramic beauty of the place.


    1. A Visit to the St. Andrews Bay


    This is a 69,000-acre estuary that has the best waters for all kinds of marine activities. For activities like diving, boat rides, kayaking, and swimming, this bay is the most perfect place to be. Surrounding the Bay are world class hotels and restaurants where you can grab your favourite meals as you enjoy touring the Bay from one place to another. There are many things to do in Panama City, especially on this Bay where everything is well maintained.


    To conclude, Panama is a home for many luxurious amenities. Located along the coastal line, you can enjoy the best beach life activities. Make sure that you look at the features of the place that you want to visit online before you visit it so as to be sure of the services that you are going to get.

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