• Must Know About Icotracker.net Which Is Not Legitimate

    Everybody looks for the best cryptocurrency ICO crowdfunding and projects, but due to few spam and poor class websites, we suffer from a heavy loss. If you don’t want to be a part of the same, it is better to avoid unreliable sites and move ahead with the best one. 

    Here, we will talk about one of the companies which is a spam and it is good to avoid when it comes to checking cryptocurrency ICOs and projects for worth following and investing. Icotracker.net claimed that it is here to offer spotlight to new crypto projects along with the best focus on crowdfunding methodology not only this it says it conducts due diligence to ascertain the viability of the projects, but it didn’t offer the same as committed.   

    There were lots of things missed out completely and nothing was good to offer great benefits to the target audiences. People love to go with the auditable raise amount along with the detailed founder identities, but the same website unable to offer the same in a better way. There was a lot of links were missing to offer great services and we can easily say the company cheated various users for a very long time. It is true to be called Icotracker.net cheat cryptocurrency company for ICO Listing and various users suffered from the same. 

    The company promised to maintain an accurate list of ongoing and upcoming token sales, which is also known as ICOs (initial coin offerings) and crowd sales, but it was completely thrashed and unable to perform in the same manner. They unable to provide several tiers of research at their own discretion and company was called as spam by various businessmen. Yes, Icotracker is a spam domain cheating crowdsale company and it is suggested not to use it up or to browse for any information at all. One can’t read more about the best tiers here as well as they never perform in-depth research on every project, however, it is good to ignore the same. 

    How we can say that Icotracker is fake or not a genuine source as it offers various projects which make very bold claims as well as the product offers no new and innovative features at all. Yes, we can easily say that Icotracker.net is not legimitate for ICO, however, it is good to avoid the same for great protection. When we compare them with others, they automatically feel like a spam by seeing their vague promises. The site never focuses nor tells you a clear idea about what are the features and functionalities of that particular project can help people to grow. Also, we can’t expect to have great help and support in the form of prediction about the coin's future market price and success. 

    Do you know Everex has sued icotracker.net? Well, the news is 101% correct and we can conclude by saying it is one of the signs which proves Icotracker is fake and it is good not to be a part of the same.

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