• Mining The Clickgem

    You may have read the good things about ClickGem. Besides the great ICO offers, you could rest assured that mining ClickGem can be profitable and more beneficial on your part. You could invest your CPU/GPU and use the ClickGem unique POW or Proof of Work system to mine the ClickGem.

    Each block being mined will grant the users around 50 CGM. Mining the ClickGem gives you two options in term of the miners: by solo mining or pool mining. If you have enough resources, however, you could do solo mining. For pool mining, it is important to check the updates on the ClickGem official site to know what to expect from it. Click Here Now

    Here is the detail that you should know:

         l Pow block reward: 50 CGM

         l Total POW blocks: 3,000,000

         l Block time: 2 minutes

         l Coinbase maturity: 70 blocks

         l Difficult target: 720 blocks

         l Block reward halves every 150,000 blocks

    For those who haven’t known about the mining. Here are some basics that you need to know.

    The Block Chains and the rewards

    When it comes to mining the coins, you will pay attention to the block rewards. In this case, the 50CGM that you will earn from ClickGem mining.

    What is block, really?

    It is a block to be filled by unique cryptographic signatures for the block and the transaction within the block. The network will procure the transactions in which the fee attached. The fee can become the block reward. The key here is to maintain the solution so that the block can grant you reward.

    In Bitcoin, the target to generate a block solution is 10 minutes top. While in ClickGem, the block time is only 2 minutes. That is obviously a huge difference. The shorter block time in most cases is more profitable. That’s why it is reasonable to choose ClickGem to mine.

    The Apps and software

    There are many options for mining the ClickGem. Some algorithms encourage the users to use their CPUs such as Cryptonight, while others focus on the GPUs like Ethereum. But some others focus on custom ASICs like Litecoin and Bitcoin. For solo mining in ClickGem, you will need to dedicate your CPU, GPU or ASIC to the task of running the calculations. The better your resources, the greater your chance will be to find the valid block solution before anyone else. The calculations will be restarted after the block is found. To succeed, you will need to have a dedicated gear for this. But if you are not up to it, you could also join with the pool to ease your tasks. Consider checking ClickGem official site to know further about pool mining its coins. For More Information Click Here





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