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    Mind Body - Psychologist Virginia Beach


    Being a counselor in Virginia Beach is an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience. With a large military presence, the region has a transient population often looking for support as they acclimate to the area. The numerous beaches and outdoor activities available also attract a large population of young individuals in transition phases of their lives. With its coastal setting, Virginia Beach provides a beautiful landscape for outdoor walk-and-talk appointments for those interested in an alternative setting for their sessions.


    With several large military bases, Virginia Beach experiences many short-term residents as families get stationed in the area for a limited period of time. Many of the clients I work with are wives, girlfriends or family members of military personnel.  Being a part of a military family brings its own set of unique challenges: families are uprooted from their previous home and stationed far away from their support systems. These women often come to counseling because they are seeking support as they experience big transitions in their lives: moving to a brand new city, adjusting to a spouse being deployed, helping their children acclimate to new schools, finding a new support system, etc. This can be extremely stress provoking for these women, and they are often left with symptoms of anxiety and depression. My work with these clients includes helping them navigate through the transitions and implement coping skills to reduce mental health symptoms. I also help to connect them with local resources and communities which may be beneficial for them.


    With a vibrant young population in Virginia Beach, I work with a lot of women who have recently graduated from high school or college and are trying to figure out the next step in their lives. With seemingly unlimited options these days, it can be a challenge for many individuals to make career or college decisions. They are left feeling a little lost or directionless at times. Many of them have even moved back home with their parents, evoking feelings of stress and guilt. As a younger generation, these clients are seeking holistic and alternative methods of therapy. They understand the interconnectedness of the mind and body and the importance of nurturing both. They are usually resistant toward medication and looking for natural ways to cope with their emotions. I often incorporate mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, nutrition and exercise into our sessions. With some guidance and clarity, they are able to carefully evaluate each option and make informed decisions about the next step in their lives.


    One of my favorite parts about being a counselor in Virginia Beach is the ability to facilitate counseling sessions while walking on the boardwalk or the beach. I’ve found that providing walk-and-talk sessions encourages openness and sharing from clients as it can be less intimidating than sitting face-to-face. Exercising and being outdoors are also natural ways to reduce mental health symptoms, so I’ve found this method extremely beneficial for clients who are experiencing issues related to depression and anxiety. With the ever-changing population and beautiful scenery, Virginia Beach is an exciting place to be a counselor!


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