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    I am a seasoned Business Consultant with years of experience in helping guide business development largely through assessing company goals, helping to build out a customer base, and increasing market presence. In the past I have successfully helped various companies evaluate their client requirements, set business goals, and implement operational business logistics within their respective niches.

    Additionally, I have experience recommending appropriate strategies to achieve increased business opportunities. Much of this is achieved through conducting market research and information gathering. I have helped design and create different analytical models appropriate for various projects a company may be implementing in the marketplace.

    Following the initial market research steps, I have helped guide companies in initiating structure documentation and presenting findings. I have a strong background in performing financial analyses and preparing reports, driving process improvements and optimizing efficiency, and identifying functional requirements such as distribution paths and system specifications.

    I always integrate the best practices while evaluating business prospects, goals, and objectives. In my past experience I have helped businesses ranging from large corporations to small startups implement successful strategies to achieve their goals for short and long term growth.

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