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    London is in fact, more famous than England. Even though, it is the country’s capital city. Situated along the river Thames, the city covers an area of approximately 1,579 square kilometres. London is 128 kilometres from Southampton, 74 kilometres from Brighton, and 264 kilometres from Manchester. Saying that London is well connected is an understatement. With five international airports, an excellent Tube, red buses, and extensive roads, getting around the city will be a breeze.


    Cultures live and thrive in London. English may be the official language, but more than 300 languages are spoken. The mix of people from different parts of the world also brings diversity to the cuisines. In London, you can eat in more than 70 countries figuratively. While you may want to travel for pleasure, where is london is a place for business and is among the world’s financial capitals. The others are Tokyo and New York. Furthermore, about three-quarters of the Fortune 500 Companies have a presence here.


    Summers are warm in England. July is the warmest month with a high of 32 degrees. During the winter, temperatures may reach 0 degrees. For the best summer temperatures, plan to visit during July season.


    If you examine the London map, you will note that the city has 32 subdivisions. They are divided into the inner boroughs and outer boroughs. The inner boroughs are around the city centre and the outer around the inner boroughs.


    Places to Visit in London


    Each year London welcomes an upward of 15 million visitors. Do not worry there numerous tourist attractions renowned across the globe. Consider this; London has about 600 cinema screens, 200 museums, 123 historic buildings, 108 music halls, and 30 historic gardens.


    Some of the top tourist destinations are:


    British Museum: This attraction has more than 13 million artefacts from history. Top exhibits include the Egyptian mummies, the gigantic bust of Rameses II, the Rosetta stone, and the controversial Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon.


    Buckingham Palace: It is one of the top attractions in London.  Tourists visit the palace to see the spectacle of the Changing of Guard at 11.30 am. Her Majesty the Queens spends summers in Scotland, and winters in the palace, built in 1837.


    Westminster Abbey: The church stands on a site associated with Christianity since the early 7th century. Most of the coronations of sovereigns take place in the church. It also doubles as a burial place and site for royal weddings.


    Hyde Park: It is an open space covering an area of 350 acres. Sightseers and city dwellers have come to the park for hundreds of years to find relaxation and peace.


    The London Eye:  Built for the millennium celebrations, the London Eye has since become one of the most frequented tourist destination. In fact, it is Europe’s largest observation wheel.


    How to Tour the Town


    If you need to tour London the right way, then book a trip the double-decker buses. In its environs, there are also plenty of sights to see.

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