Our company assist providers to conserve electric power. Our team consistently take into consideration the business and also the market initially and after that strengthen power performance.


    Our team will definitely deliver you a FREE estimate.


    Technical electricity supervisor along with TÜV Süd School certificateAs Technical Supervisor along with electricity certification from the TÜV Süd Institute, we understand our method around numerous company industries.


    The best positive electrical power is actually the one you carry out certainly not eat!


    Substitute from neon T8 pipes in a food store. Safes approximately FIFTY% power: Bildquelle Supermarkt_1_by_Gabi-Schoenemann_pixelio. de We understand office needs in regards to top quality, integrity and also long-term reliability. And also our experts have actually adjusted our variety appropriately. To stay clear of, that after a quick amount of time the illuminations blow up. Which is actually commonly the scenario along with inexpensive items.

    Cologne-Energy: Electricity Effectiveness as well as LED igniting innovation coming from Fragrance.


    Workplaces and also open-plan workplaces:.


    The impact photocatalysis is actually indisputable as well as utilized in various other nations more frequently in comparison to our company perform.


    The LED boards create a broadband sanitation result from essentially all sorts of.


    Dining establishments additionally make use of the sky purifying as well as odor-neutralizing result from the BIOMED boards. Recurring weakness in bistros and also bars are actually the attendee lavatories.


    The ANTI-MRSA LED doors battle MRSA, H1N1, SARS, micro-organisms, infections, fungis as well as irritants. Yet another foundation for the execution from a successful health approach.


    These ingenious LED boards blend reliable electricity conserving lights along with higher criteria from cleanliness, tidy sky as well as reduced microbial lots. The guideline from function is actually based upon an around the globe taken clinical technique from sanitation the photocatalysis. The destruction from hazardous natural compounds generates no dangerous remains.


    If wanted, different screening as well as exam come from private screening research laboratories may be sent. For instance exam on biocompatibility, NOX extraction, skin layer being compatible, antimicrobial activity, ANTI-MRSA task, cytotoxicity.

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