• Jordan Tourism: Things To Do In Jordan


    Jordan is a place truly unlike any other. A place of immense cultural, historic, and religious significance, Jordan is situated on the east bank of the River Jordan in western Asia. The place, settled since the Palaeolithic age, is an eclectic mix of different cultures and hosts several important places including the burial site of Moses.


    Jordan Tours to Historic Sites


    Jordan is home to several important historic sites and exploration of these is one of the best things to do in Jordan! Petra, also called ‘Rose City’, is called so for the extensive use of red stones out of which the architectural wonders have been carved out. The place is well-known around the world for its magnificent rock-cut architecture and the ingenious water-conduit systems. Qasr Amra is home to desert castles built in the 8th century and is a must visit during Jordan tours.


    Museums in Jordan: Gems of Jordan Tourism


    Jordan tourism has several archaeological jewels on offer, one of the most important ones being the Jordan Archaeological Museum. Situated near the Amman Citadel, the museum was constructed in 1951 and is a treasure trove of archaeological artefacts and finds. Among the not to be missed are Dead Sea Scrolls that can be found in the museum. The Ain-Ghazal statues are considered to be oldest of their kind, which was made by any human civilisation and date back to about 6000 B.C. The Royal Automobile Museum is also known for its showcase of the bike and car models, some of which date back to 1896. The museums are an essential part of Jordan tourism.


    Things to Do in Jordan: Visit Nature Reserves


    While in Jordan, do not miss a visit to the Azraq Wetland Reserve, which is a stunningly beautiful oasis for migratory birds. Ideal for picnics, the reserve houses several ponds and springs. The Fifa Nature Reserve, the Mujib Nature Reserve, Shaumari Wildlife Reserve, Ajloun Forest Reserve, and the Dana Biosphere Reserve are also an integral part of Jordan tours.


    Indulge in Food and Shopping Fun


    Jordan is famous for its exotic cuisine, which will delight the most discerning gourmet food lovers. Some of the must-visit restaurants and eateries in Jordan include Sfra Restaurant, Brisket, Abu Jbara, Clancy’s Bar & Restaurant, Burj Al Hamam, Levant Restaurant, Bookscafe, Fakhr El-Din, just to name a few famous ones. Those who fancy shopping must visit the local market Al Balad while photographers must make it a point to visit Burdah Bridge Wadi Rum. There are so many things to do in Jordan – there’s something for everyone!


    Other Fun Things to Do in Jordan


    The flight above Wadi Rum is essential to discover the true meaning of life. You’ll have a life-changing experience when you look down at the landscape below from the skies! Adventure lovers will enjoy floating in the Dead Sea and canoeing in Wadi Mujib. A visit to the Mango House is recommended as a part of Jordan tours to discover spectacular art and architecture. From the Hand of Hercules to the ruins of Jerash, Jordan has it all to keep you gasping for breath!



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