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    Italy is a country that is known for great food, cultural sites, and seaside. Nevertheless, you should not instantly ignore the stunning mountains of the Italy, especially during winter. With more than 300 places for skiing, you will have an access to the different mountain ranges in Italy in winter. In this article, we listed some of the well-known ski destinations in the Italy.


    List of Top Ski Destinations in Italy


    We have put together some of the top ski destinations in Italy that will convince those undecided tourists that Italy is indeed the best destination for skiing.




    The Breuil-Cervinia is located in the small region of Aosta Valley. This is one of the top ski destinations in Italy. They combined nature with technology in order to develop an environment that allows the tourists to enjoy the isolation of the mountain while still being connected with the entire world. The heights may range from 1,524-4,478 meters. The varying altitude and slopes of the Breuil-Cervinia offers different level of challenges to the snowboarders and skiers.




    Corvara is found in the centre of Dolomites which is a tiny village that has a population rate of 1,500 individuals. The area around is a popular destination in Italy in winter since it serves as the venue of a renowned ski racing event. The place features some of the most challenging slopes. The Corvara has 1,568 meters altitude that makes it a convenient place to ski. This is also a perfect family destination during the holiday season.


    Passo Del Tonale


    Perhaps one of the most preferred destinations in the northern snow Italy would be the Passo del Tonale. This ski destination is situated in the middle of Trentino and Lombardy. The height varies at around 1883-3100 meters. Most of the slopes that you will find here are for intermediate skills, but there are also slopes that are for advanced skiers. There are cafes and bars located near the busy runs which give the family a short time-out before they head to another carve.


    Plan De Corones


    The Plan de Corones is found at the South Tyrol is a mesmerising place that is considered as one of the top ski destinations in Italy. This place is also known as the Kronplatz which is incidentally the same name of the popular resort. This is a family-friendly destination that comes with different types of slopes. It also offers different level of challenges from the slopes that are intended for the beginners to the more challenging slopes for the advanced skiers. They also offer panoramic views of the valley that will offer a challenging run.


    From the slopes of the Dolomites down to the Sicily, there are different reasons why you should travel to Italy in winter. Beginners who want to experience the refined texture of the snow Italy while gliding on the basic slopes will find out that there are different options for them. There are also difficult runs that will allow the advanced skiers to test their skills.

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