• Interesting Things To Do In Austria

    Austria is a country nestled at the heart of Europe. It is also the centre of the aristocratic intrigues and historical events. It is a country that is embedded in the Alpine range boasting with a spectrum of picturesque view of the breathtaking scenery. The places to visit in Austria attract millions of tourists annually.


    Top Things to Do in Austria


    Here are some of our pick when it comes to the best things to do in Austria. Be sure to add them in your travel itinerary once you visit this glorious country.


    Vienna Hofburg


    The Hofburg Palace located in Vienna serves as the seat of the Monarchy in Austria for centuries. Today, the President is conducting official state function in the room that originally belonged to Joseph II. Almost all rulers have ordered alterations and adjustments on the structure that resulted to various architectural influences. The entire complex has an area of 59 acre that includes 2,900 rooms and around 19 courtyards. When you visit this Austria tourism destination, you should never miss the Imperial Silver Collection. The Sisi Museum that focuses on the life of Queen Elisabeth is also a great place to visit.


    Gurk Cathedral


    The Gurk Cathedral is one of the places to visit in Austria that was built during 1140 to 1200. The remains of St. Hemma were rested in this attraction. This is a massive twin towers with a height measuring at about 41 meters. The onion domes in the tower was later added on the structure in 1682. Perhaps the most remarkable features of the cathedral would be its magnificent wall painting such as the Downfall of Saul and St. Christopher.


    Grossglockner Road


    This immense road extends from the Bruck to the Heiligenblut that was constructed between the years 1930-1935. It is also known as the most popular mountain road located in Europe. This was originally used by the Romans which were then rediscovered during the advent of vehicle. The place offers a plethora of panoramic views. This Austria tourism destination has a total length of 22 kilometres and an altitude of 2,000 metres.




    The Eisriesenwelt is situated on the western border of Tennengebirge which is probably the biggest ice cave. The cave has a total area of 30,000sq.m that was created by a subterranean river during the Tertiary period. This was initially discovered in the year 1879, but it was not until 1912 when it was opened to the public. One of the best things to do in Austria is to join the guided tour in the Eisriesenwelt. The entire tour will last for two hours where you can explore all the best areas of the cave.



    The places to visit in Vienna are truly diverse. It has a bustling life and a profound historical heritage that attracts million of tourists all over the world. There is simply no way to ignore Austria when you are planning to have a European vacation. It is an inspiring place and a cultural hub that will guarantee every traveller that they will enjoy their vacation in this country. 

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