• Hurricane Relief Major Online Retailer Plans to Help Houston and Florida

    Fort Collins, Colorado, September 13, 2017 – The people in Texas and Florida require food, blankets, clothing, water, and tools as they try to get on their feet after they were hit by devastating hurricanes. Bargainbrute.com, an online retailer, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, provides a convenient way to help Houston and Florida.


    Customers of Bargainbrute.com can send supplies and food to people who were affected by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. The online retailer is just one of the companies trying to pitch in to help the Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma relief efforts.


    “We sell all of the items needed for the relief efforts in Florida and Texas”, according to Douglas Vandergraph from Bargainbrute.com. He added, “Customers who want to send help Florida or Houston can buy the items from our online store, and we will send the items on their behalf to the people who can use them in Florida and Texas.”


    Bargainbrute.com has more than two million products that are in stock and ready to ship to help in the Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The online retailer carries items that can be helpful in the affects hit by the hurricanes that include tools,clothing, blankets, bedin a bag, sleeping bags,and survival products.


    Under its survivalist/prepper category are meal kits, which are composed of buckets of freeze dried foods. Customers can also buy items from the online grocery store, and have grocery itemsdeliveredto FoodBanks andhelp centers set up in Texas and Florida.


    Aside from the food items, Bargainbrute.com also offer tools that can be useful in the rebuilding process of the areas affected by the recent hurricanes. The online retailer’s hardware section has all types of tools that include cutting tools, hand tools, and shop tools, just to name a few.


    It is better to send items to the Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma relief efforts instead of money. Through material donations, people will get what they need. Food will be eaten, water drank, tools used, and clothes worn. But when you give money, you don’t know how the organization spends it or what percentage of your dollar goes to administrative costs versus actual aid.


    Bargainbrute.com will send the items tohelp points, nonprofitorganizations, and religious groups in Florida and Texas. Customers can choose where they want to send their donations.


    Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey have brought a lot of damage to residents of Florida and Texas, both physically and mentally. It doesn’t matter how many items you choose to give. What matters is your willingness to help Houston and Florida in their time of need.


    About Bargainbrute.com


    Bargainbrute.com is one of the major online retailers today. It is based in Fort Collins, Colorado and has a network of 54 warehouses in the United States.To learn more about their Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey relief initiatives, contact Douglas Vandergraph at 573-286-7463 or email themat sales@bargainbrute.com.


    Hurricane Relief Major Online Retailer Plans to Help Houston and Florida

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