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    Canada has a stunning Canada tourism characteristics which draws million visitors on yearly basis. Canada’s interesting part is in its history, places, and people. It is a fun country to explore in 2018.

    Only a few places have such wonderful places to go as Canada. From one city to the next city, province to the next province, Canada always gives the unique experience to the visitors.

    Whether you are planning to go alone or with your group, you can’t go wrong with the offers of Canada. There are many things to do in Canada such as the northern lakes, mountains, the grasslands, the soils, the lighthouses, as well as the distinct history and architecture.

    Ideally, you can visit Canada all year round so that you don’t have to worry about your flight booking. But checking the calendar will also give you benefits since you will know the right time to go there. For many of us, the ideal time is low season because the places and streets won’t be crowded. Everyone gets work and studies.

    The abundance of the tourism objects in Canada may confuse you as you plan to travel in limited time. If you just want to spend your time or days in one location, we could suggest you to visit Windsor.

    Windsor is not a small city. But it is not big either. The mid-sized city has a lot of tourist attractions which procure the strong reasons why many people come to this city for few days or weeks. It is located along the Detroit River opposite, very close to the Detroit, the US City.

    This city offers the history and culture perks. The moment you enter the gate of the city, you will see the historical values conveyed from the buildings and the dwellings. Not to mention that you will able to spot the modern towers as well as vibrant houses. Tourism has been one of the powers of Windsor’s economy. You will be surprised that actually there are tons of Windsor Attractions that you can enjoy so that you could  consider to conduct air flight booking in advance.  

    So, here are the Windsor things to do.

    Bike Trail

    In Windsor, you could have a nice time in Roy A. Battagello Riverwalk Bike Trail. This place has been crowded because it offers such a nice spot for outdoors lovers. You can begin the trails from the Ambassador Bridge and then go for it for eight kilometers. If you are not up to biking, the trails can also be used for walking or jogging. But when you follow the bike trail, you will discover many amazing spots in Windsor. Not to mention that you will pass the incredible parks like Windsor Sculpture Park and Dieppe Gardens. You might imagine that it is too long without bringing enough amount of supplies. Well, don’t worry. The trails have five service spots wherein you can make a stop and rest. Not mention that you can enjoy the river and skyline.

    Caesars Windsor

    If you’d like to gamble while other members of family enjoy the other Windsor Attractions, you could go to Caesars Windsor, the casino that you ever need to visit. Many misunderstand the numbers of Casino in Windsor because it is close to Detroit. There are actually four casinos in the Detroit-Windsor area. However, Caesars Windsor is the only one in the city itself. The casino offers various tables such as poker, blackjack, craps, baccarat, and slip coins. Even if your entourage don’t want to gamble, they can enjoy the surrounding views of the casino. The waterfront is amazing.

    Willistead Manor

    In this place, you can go back in time. The manor has such rich historical aspects. The long history is the main reason why it is the home of the historical sites. You will aspire the iconic buildings the moment you enter the area. The Willistead Manor has around 36 rooms and located in the middle of the fascinating park. You will notice pretty high traffic around the area since it is open to public.

    Sandpoint Beach

    For many people, it is surprising that Windsor offers beach too. Yes, you’ve seen it right. There is a beach in Windsor. It is located at the edge of the Detroit River and the northeast corner of the Windsor City. It is definitely an interesting Windsor Attraction that you shouldn’t miss. However, the beach only opens from May to September every year. You may need to check the date of opening and closing to make sure that you can enjoy Sandpoint Beach in the right time.

    The beach offers the lovely park which is great for relaxing, picnic, and tanning. For water activities lovers, you can expect to enjoy the windsurfing, boarding, and swimming there. Consider following the Ganatchio Trail as well.

    Coventry Gardens

    Windsor is also popular due to its gardens. One of the best is the Coventry Gardens. The lovely garden is surely what you need to relax and enjoy the nature. One of the reasons why it is crowded is that the park hosts some of the Windsor historical monuments. There are a lot of things to do in Coventry Gardens. If Coventry Gardens is not enough for you, consider to go to Dieppe Gardens which is also great for walking and sightseeing. The flowers and grasses are the main characteristics of both gardens.

    Windsor Sculpture Park

    Windsor also has the art piece that you can aspire. The Sculpture Park offers the outdoors activities, as well as indoor if you are not up to hang up there. The indoors will lead you to the Art Gallery of Windsor in which you can see the collections and pieces by the artists from around the world. Browse around the gallery. The sections are divided into the permanent and temporary galleries.

    Water Park

    Need to rejuvenate and refresh? Consider to go to Splash Zone with your family or friend. Whether it is a hot or cool day, you can always go there to enjoy your time with your entourage. The Adventure Bay Family Water Park cater to many groups, thanks to its 10,0000 square meters water park. It is open one year-round. However, some parts of the place are closed when the summer ends.

    There you have them: the tourist attractions in Windsor, Canada. Don’t forget to get your cheap flight booking right away to get to Windsor.

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