• Discover Things To Do In Luxembourg With Tourist Tube

    Discover Things To Do In Luxembourg With Tourist Tube

    The old Quarter Luxembourg City

    This is the best place to start exploring the beautiful Luxembourg City. The city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994. It was dubbed the Gibralter of the North although the original fortress was dismantled between 1867 and 1883. The old fortifications have now given way to beautifully laid out parks and gardens. Its cobbled streets are lined with charmed old structures and buildings. It is a great place to spend some few hours while in the city.

    National Museum of History and Art

    Luxembourg City is one of Europe’s most historically important cities. If you have to judge the city with the quality of museums, then you can rank this one highly. National Museum of History and Art tops the list. If you are a lover of visual arts then it is worthwhile visiting the Contemporary Art Gallery. MudamLuxemborourg-Mus’eed’ArtModerne Grand-Duc Jean is also another must visit modern art and Ultra-modern Architecture with its collection from renowned artists.

    Fairy Tale Park Bettembourg

    This is another place that offers a quiet and peaceful environment for maximum entertainment with family and friends.If you are planning to take your children out for a vacation, then fairy tales is the best place for you. The place is full of trees and wild animals from five continents to keep the children enchanted. You will take your children to see pink flamingos near the lake, monkeys in the forest and crocodiles in the river. You will as well enjoy the grace of penguins under the water.

    Now that we have reviewed some of the best places to visit in LuxembourgCity then we have to review the best hotels in the city where you can spend your days. Visit Tourist Tube to discover these and many more places to explore in Luxembourg. 

    Luxembourg City

     This excellent Luxury hotel is situated in Luxembourg citycentre. The rooms in this 5 star hotel are spacious, comfortable and luxurious with elegant furnishings and city scape view.

    This is one of the best hotels in Luxembourg excellent services and an extensive wellness centre.

    Hotel Parc Beaux Arts

    This is another hotel that is designed for total relaxation in Luxembourg City.The rooms are decorated with light wooden floors, splashes of art and white washed walls.

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