• Discover Mar Maris From Inside And Book An Accommodation With Tourist Tube

    Discover Mar Maris From Inside And Book An Accommodation With Tourist Tube

    The reason why Mar Maris tops the list of many world travelers is because of its vast collection of historic sites, cultural attractions, monuments, parks and beautiful beaches. Explore the non-exhaustive list of the things to do in Mar Maris and book your flight and accommodation with Tourist Tube. 

    Icmeler Beach

    Have a peaceful connection with the face of nature while enjoying the best Turkish Cuisines in the beach. The beach has countless opportunities to explore. If you are one of us who likes getting in the water and stare at the beautiful carvings of the waves then make a step and book a boat ride in the clear waters. The beach also features some of the best hotels for your accommodation and night activities. Visit one of the biggest hotel brand names in Mar Maris and have an experience of night life in this beautiful city. Some of the best Hotels near Icmeler Beach are Pig and Whistle, DenizKapisi and many  more where you can fancy a good night sleep and a taste of the most delicious foods in the world.

    Marmaris water parks

    This is the best place in marmaris for both kids and adults to enjoy a fantastic and a joyful day. Just spare some time and take your children out for a family tour in this park. Every holiday maker finds it a fantastic destination due to the high number of activities-the rides and shows.

    Take a boat trip to Dalyan

    Enjoy a gold time with the nature at Dalyan. This is the area where the sea and the lake meets. Dalyan is famous for the Iztzu beach, the ancient city, CarettaCaretta and the mad bath. Take a boat trip to Dalyan and have a good time connecting with the nature.

    Take a bike and cycle around the city

    The city is cool and most of the time it is not so busy. Most of the streets are clear giving you a conducive environment to enjoy the views. What this means is that you can take a cycling tour around the city for some few minutes. Holidaymakers may enjoy the scenery, the culture and the mysteries of Marmaris by peddling from end to end of its charming paths.

    Before you get out of Marmaris, have a good time tasting foods in some of the best hotels in the city.

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