• Discover Geneva With Tourist Tube

    Discover Geneva With Tourist Tube

    There is so much to discover in this cosmopolitan city. It is known to be a world business center with many people busy and engaged in various business activities. However, the serious nature portrayed by this city should not fool you. There is a fun and amazing part of it and you will have so many things to do in the city. There are spectacular sites, museums, stunning sceneries, great restaurants and so much more. Your stay in Geneva will even be made more fantastic by Tourist Tube. To book flights, tours and reservations in some of the best hotels. 

    Lake Geneva

    This ranks high as the city’s most beautiful and breathtaking view. The crystal blue waters of the lake and the snow-capped Alps mountains in the background making one of the most amazing places to visit. The best way to explore the lake is to get on a boat and move across it to one of the lakeside towns.

    Temple de Saint-Pierre

    Each city has its historic architectural masterpiece. This temple is a representation of Geneva’s history and it’s the highest point in that town. It consists of two towers although one was never reconstructed after being destroyed by a fire. You can climb on one of the towers for spectacular views of the town. The temple itself is built and decorated in the ancient design. Make it a point to visit this place and marvel at what it has to offer.

    Jardin Botanique

    This is a botanical garden located on the Southeast of Ariana. In this garden you will find over 10,000 species of plants and trees from every part of the globe. It makes for a great place to learn more about plants and the different species. There is also a small area set aside for wildlife.


    There are various museums in Geneva some of which include Ariana Museum, Patek Philippe Museum and the Art and History Museum. Each one of them is unique on its own and focusses a little more on a specific aspect. For instance, the Ariana museum has a vast collection of ceramics and glass production. You can visit any of the museums and spend some of your time marveling at the great things you find there.

    Jet d’Eau

    This is definitely an impressive site with a magnificent view. It’s a gigantic water fountain found in Lake Geneva that jets its water high up in the air for a height as long as 140 meters. It is a great place to take photos and spend some time boat riding and swimming.

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