• Discover Barcelona

    Discover Barcelona

    Whenever you are travelling especially if you don’t have so much time, you want to make the most of your travel so that you don’t have to go home feeling like you missed anything. It can sometimes be challenging and that’s why I have paired some of the most common things that you can do in Barcelona during that dream vacation. If you run out of time and don’t explore all of them then there is always next time.

    Gaudi and Modernisme

    This place is one of the top Barcelona’s tourist attraction destinations. Most of the tourists visit this place and admire it’s architecture-Particularly the works of Antoni Gaudi. You can just walk around and come across various displays of Gaudi’s work throughout the city. The place is made up of beautiful civil and religious work.

    Museud’Historia de Barcelona-MUHBA

    When visiting a new city, ensure you briefly get an insight about its history. You need to know its history in order to understand its art, architecture and the things that make it tick. Being an international city, Barcelona is rich in history and therefore you can never go through all its historic books and symbols in MUHBA. MUHBA restores the heritage of the city. The relevant documents and materials that explain Barcelona history are displayed in various locations in the Museum.

    Discover fresh seafood

    Barcelona toasts the fine and luxurious Restaurants that make delicious seafood. No one visits Barcelona and leaves without sampling the seafood.  Ensure that when you visit the city, you get accommodation in one of the best restaurants that will serve seafood dinner. Some of them include:

    Rias de Galicia

    Most of the people in Barcelona may give Rias de Galicia a wide berth without knowing that behind the beautiful structures lays good food. The hotel features varied dishes that are presented entirely without affectation. It also offers good wines and cocktails. If you are visiting Barcelona and want to spend some good time with your loved ones, then Rias de Galicia offers you spacious and beautifully decorated guesthouses.

    Hotel Barcelona Catedral

    This is another hotel that offers services that are second to none.  There is free Wi-Fi offered to all the customers that is available in all the rooms in the restaurant, bar and even in the fitness centre. It is located in the Gothic Quarter and this means you can enjoy your stay while learning much of the city’s history.  You can find, decide and book these and many more hotels in Barcelona.

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