• Discover Abu Dhabi-Tourist Tube

    Discover Abu Dhabi-Tourist Tube

    The humble roots of Abu Dhabi can sometimes be difficult to unearth. This city has become a very attractive location for international Golfers. With the domino-like deluxe hotels and a peaceful environment for business and tourism, the city has had a tremendous growth in terms of structure and architectural wise. Depending on the time and the season, locals and tourists in Abu Dhabi have a lot of things to do and pass time. You can go toAbu Dhabi and spend some of your time off-road in the desert, take a boat trip in some of the most beautiful rivers of Abu Dhabi or even rug up in the Gulf’s burnishing stars.  Discover things to do, places to sleep and spend your vacation with friends and family in Abu Dhabi with Tourist Tube. 

    One of the best way to enjoy your time in Abu Dhabi is to fit in the locals and do as they do. Start your day with the strong Arabian Coffee at one of the best hotels such as Emirates Palace, Four Seasons hotel in Abu Dhabi, InterContinental andYUas Viceroy Abu Dhabi. After your day is heated by the strong Arabian Tea, get out of the hotel and do the necessary. Head to the Al BateenIsland that is next to InterContinental Hotel. If you want to have more fun hop on a boat and enjoy the city in a style.

    Visit Qasr Al Hosn to familiarize with the upcoming of the city and also catch up with several other historic background. It is a big and oldest stone structure in the centre of Khalidiya. It was built as a watchtower in 1760. It eventually became house to the Al NahyanRulinjg family. It consequently turned into the country’s first National Council. You can catch glimpses of this tower although it has been in renovation since 2017.

    The best time to visit Abu Dhabi is during the winter. This time the temperatures hover in mid-20s and therefore you can find the locals practicing most of the sports. Get in the driver’s seat of a golf cart or go cart in the city. If you have enough time, embrace the sand in the desert safari. Abu Dhabi lies on the edge of the Rub Al Khali-one of the world’s great desert seas. The Emirates will give you an exclusive chance to ride a camel or even try sandboarding.  Discover the best places in Abu Dhabi, get the best offers and book your flight.

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