• Compression Springs A Driving Force For Industrial And Technological Progress

    Precision Spring has been a driving force for performance improvement as well as various industry breakthroughs. The demand and importance of Precision Spring Manufacturing are increasing with time. As industrial and technological progress continues, springs have become critical in applications across multiple industries. Medical equipment and Aerospace are the two major industries that have influenced the most.

    Medical Equipment

    From hospital equipment to medical and consumer devices, almost all medical technology uses custom springs, wire forms, and stampings. Trends and advancement in surgery and healthcare sector have had a tremendous impact on medical device manufacturing. The devices have gotten smaller and smaller, and so have device components like springs and this growing demand for precision in the medical industry directly influences manufacturing.


    Whether it is torsion springs or compression springs, precision springs have the potential to be a true game-changer in the aerospace industry. From Navigational Guidance systems and engine controls to aircraft wheels and brakes, precision springs offer broad precision manufacturing capabilities for the advancement of many aerospace applications.

    We at American Precision Spring are prepared for this growing demand for precision and we are committed to playing our role in the technological progress with our quality products. We manufacture a wide range of springs and components including Custom Springs, Compression Springs, Torsion Springs, Extension Springs, Flat Springs, Leaf Springs, Metal Stamping, Wire Forms, Four Slide / Punch Press, Precision Sheet Metal, Belleville Washers.

    Visit www.americanprecspring.com to find more about us.

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