• Camilla Otkjær - SOF Academy

    A brand-new Danish invention for use in hospitals and also fertility centers existed Wednesday at the Experimentarium in Copenhagen as well as received the booklet "Globe News" on the discussion.

    Mesibox is called the brand-new item, an approx. two meter long steel tank that can be utilized for human cell research study as well as monitoring.


    Behind the Mesiboksen is the tiny Danish firm Mesibo A/ S, which has sales rights internationally and also does not hide that this box will soon be its victory all over.


    "The brand-new Mesibox will place the program in several medical study projects around the world. It is a tool that could not be ignored," anticipates Henrik Radich Jørgensen, deputy supervisor of Mesibo as well as in charge of the sale of Mesibox.


    The new box is really developed by three Danish researchers, including Teacher, Dr. with. Peter Ebbesen, Aalborg College. Package should establish a whole new criterion for the work with cells and also, at once, fix a few of the troubles experienced in r & d associated with cells.


    The secret of the Mesibox is that with a dual wall in package it has actually made it feasible to manage the oxygen pressure very properly, which is of great value in the development of the different cell types. As an example, a kidney cell is made use of to an oxygen stress of just one-twentieth of exactly what fulfills it outside the body.


    Thanks to the double wall, Mesibox additionally increases the safety of work in numerous locations. Partly, the different oxygen pressure of package could protect against germs from passing through, as well as you could work with material in package without the danger of viruses or microorganisms venturing out. This means that it is a more secure working atmosphere for the researchers.


    Mesiboksen, which costs 1.25 million. DKK per. pieces can be made use of in a variety of locations, consisting of infection research, stem cell job, cells cleaning, as an example cartilage material cells that are later on hair transplanted back into the body as well as for artificial fertilizing work.


    Mesibo is a simple 3 years of age firm that aims to become a leader in stem cell research study and management. Among the founders of the firm is the European Parliamentarian Christian Rovsing (K), as well as amongst the leading staff members in the company is one more with conventional political background, former parliamentarian Niels Ahlmann-Ohlsen. The company is collaborating with an assumption of being detailed in 2 to 3 years.


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