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    There are many drugs which are used as a medicine, but only if it intakes in a proper amount. MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) is also known as ecstasy, it is a psychoactive drug which is used as a recreational drug. It is a synthetic drug which is used to alter the moods and perception (awareness of surrounding environments and objects). Chemically, MDMA is similar to hallucinogens and stimulants, which produced the feelings of increased pleasure, emotional warmth, internal energy, and it also distorted sensory and time perception. Initially, the drug was used in the nightclubs or in all night dance parties. 

    Usually, people take an MDMA as a tablet or capsule via some snort the powder or some swallow it in the liquid form. The powder form of MDMA is normally sold in capsules. Its popular nickname is Molly, which is slanging for molecular. The effect of MDMA is about 3 to 6 hours, and a person has to take a second dose when the first dose begins to fade. The people use 250 mg MDMA pills for altering the mood when it takes a pill, then it means a person is taking a synthetic drug. If you want to know about the MDMA pills 2018 or the best ecstasy pills 2018, then you should have to contact some professionals for an appropriate result because taking a drug will affect your health, and maybe it leads to some serious problem. Taking a drug is not recommended in any way, but if you are facing some kind of problem in your life and your doctor is suggesting some kind of drug, then it will be good to take it in the recommended amount only because an overdose of the drug can be harmful to your health and body. It is important to take care of your body and health, and don't be addicted to any drug. 

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