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    Whether you’re a huge business or a small independent company, SEO is one of the best ways to get your site in front of human eyes. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is essentially just a mixture of things that determine how well your website will rank on a search engine and how likely it is to pop up during a search. While it may seem straightforward at first, the state of SEO is actually constantly changing in correlation to the ever-changing ranking factors of a search engine. To be successful, search engine optimization companies have to be extremely agile and constantly ready to adjust to the changing conditions of the Internet world. Fortunately with a little bit of theory crafting, consistent testing, and refinement many SEO companies are in fact able to deliver very effective results. Although staying on top of the latest SEO trends is a huge challenge even for the most experienced companies, it is not impossible. Check out our list of the top 5 biggest SEO ranking factors so that you too can be on your way to improving your website’s rankings.


    1.     Content

    Perhaps the most crucial reason most websites don’t rank well is because of a lack of content. Long–form direct authoritative content is the foundation of any websites rankings. Websites like Google and Bing want to associate their users with useful information as accurately as possible. To do this websites mainly analyze things like keywords. Your website’s content needs to be relevant, convenient, and truthful if you want it to be seen by anyone. Over the years the demand for content in an SEO context has been growing quite steadily and shows absolutely no sign of decreasing in any years to come. If you haven’t thought about investing into content marketing then it is without a doubt time to start considering it.


    2.     Backlinks

    Almost as crucial as content is the need for relevant backlinks. Even with all the content in the world, if your website doesn’t contain a wide array of related backlinks then you’re not going to get very far. Failing to build backlinks is easily on of the most common and detrimental mistakes made by a lot of business owners. In order to improve on your backlinks you might want to consider adding things like blog shares, guest posting, or influence marketing. The idea is to make your website directly related to as many other websites as possible. By including many links and associations in your webpage Google will favor your site and you’ll be one step closer to having your site seen by as many people as possible. At first it may seem like the more the merrier, but in reality it is actually better to appeal to quality over quantity. Things like spam comments, link stuffing, and other cheat trick tactics will actually hurt your intentions and sites like Google will actually penalize your rankings in an attempt to rule out bots and spam sites.


    3.     Anchor Text

    Another critical thing to consider is the use of anchor text. Anchor text is simply the combination of letters and/or numbers in which the link is embedded and it is an extremely effective way to maximize links to your website. The idea is to make your link’s anchor text correspond to the content it’s being linked to as effectively as possible. In addition to that, anchor text is also the best opportunity to use many target keywords to yield even better results. But it’s also worth noting that you must avoid over optimization. It’s great to have keywords but you also want to maintain a diverse link profile. As time goes on search engine’s ranking algorithms become smarter and smarter and are constantly adapting. So you have to stay on your toes at all times and be sure to use a very effective combination of keywords, naked URLs, and brand names.


    4.     User Experience

    Even with endless content and plenty of links and keywords your website is irrelevant if the common user struggles to navigate your site or is overwhelmed by its appearance and organization. It seems simple to create a user-friendly site but it can actually be quite tricky. Without a doubt one of the main culprits behind a user’s web experience is loading speed. There are very few things more frustrating then a slow loading site and studies show even the loading difference of a few seconds can make all the difference. Keeping a simpler design and avoiding huge file sizes for pictures and videos are just a few measures you can take to improve your sites loading speed. In addition to that however we also have to talk about how vital it is to be mobile friendly. With most of the population nowadays glued to their phones it’s only common sense that being mobile friendly will yield better results. Not only is your competition most likely mobile friendly but also everyone knows how frustrating it is to try and navigate a normal site form a mobile device. It takes longer and things are much harder to locate. If most users can’t find what they’re looking for in a few seconds then they are going to click that back button immediately without even giving it a second thought.


    5.     Social Signals

    The last and often overlooked trick for SEO is branding. Things like brand awareness, discoverability, authority, and trustworthiness all go hand in hand with SEO. To appeal to social signals one can consider commenting on posts, engaging with people, followers on a page, and growth over time. Links from social media are a perfect way to show search engines like Google that your brand and content are relevant. Many people also feel they don’t have the time to grow their social media presence and that’s where hiring a professionally outside party to do it for you can come into play.


    These are just a few examples on the constantly growing list of SEO factors. To discuss every factor that goes into the complex world of SEO rankings would take years but hopefully these 5 things will help you get a grasp of things. Like I said before it’s important to constantly update your webpage so that you can stay in the loop with the ever-changing internet. It’s a lot to keep track of but you have to start somewhere. Follow these 5 tips and your site will start climbing the rankings in no time at all.



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