• Best Things To Do In Naples

    Best Things To Do In Naples

    Climb Mount Vesuvius

    If you want to take a hike of around 30 minutes, then this is the place to visit. Your tour begins from Naples in a bus. Get a guide to explain to you all about this beautiful mountain. Climb to the top to enjoy the overwhelming view of the whole Naples city. View of the caldera and the crater too at the top is fascinating.  

    Visit an Underground Museum

    Take your tour into another level by visiting this hidden MuseoDelSottosuolo Museum. You will find so many wonders here. Get to know how people survived here during the deadliest World War 2. This museum is one of the loveliest places in the world

    Visit Ruins of Pompeii

    Have a breathtaking visit of this extensive ruin. It contains ash from the erupted Mount Vesuvius. You will enjoy seeing an Amphitheatre, Temple of Apollo, temple of Jupiter, Case DelFauno and plaster cast of the eternally buried people after the eruption of the volcano

    Take a tour to the Amalfi coast, Sorretto and the islands.

    Take advantage of the stunning Amalfi coast when you are in Naples. The breeze from the sea here is enjoyable. Don’t miss out a 30 minutes trip to Sorretto by boat. You also need to view the beautiful islands of Ischia, Capri and Procide. Make your moment memorable in these places.

    Visit NaplesNational Archeological Museum

    Are you a lover of history and archeology? Then indulge yourself into this archeological museum. Get a view of collections made by Pompeii and Herculaneum, Greek and roman artifacts

    Make a tour to Naples Bird Garden.

    Don’t miss to visit this anesthetic place. Interact with over 300 birds here. This garden was mainly made to protect the endangered parrot. The beautiful sound of birds and the aroma from these stunning flowers is mind blowing. Enjoy all your moment here. Visit Naples Cathedral

    The cathedral is found in southern Italy, as the main church. Ornate sculptures and stone outside work are very amazing. Don’t miss to visit the Chapel of San Gennaro that has beautifully decorated altar and two vessels blood of saints.

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