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    I have two weak points that obtain me right into difficulty. One is that I consume way too much chocolate, and the various other is that I overindulge when material buying. When I first stroll into a fabric store, I am drawn to color, flash, appearance, fringe, as well as embellishments! I may enter the store needing only some elastic or thread, yet I entrust another loads material examples as well as elegant trims that I did not expect to get. Exactly how do I validate these seemingly unnecessary purchases? Well, I create furniture for my Barbie as well as Ken dolls! Generally, I make a relaxing furniture ensemble that includes a couch, a chair, a footrest, and working with pillows. You could design furnishings for your very own dolls, also. Right here are some fun ideas to try: https://youtu.be/d4gpsl4_iDE

    1. Beginning with just what you have. Although I take pleasure in looking for brand-new products, I first go through my stock of textile remnants to see just what I already have that may be helpful. In one instance, I had a geometric pattern of yellow, blue, and purple for the chair. Then, I utilized a solid purple shade for the sofa. I made an ottoman and cushions using both of these textiles in addition to additional materials. 

    2. Locate additional textile items that coordinate with both main textiles made use of for the couch as well as chair. Opt for something with shimmer or hair to add appearance and variety. These fabrics will certainly be used to boost the footrest as well as pillows, adding rate of interest to the total style of the furnishings ensemble.

    3. Shop for textile! Sometimes you will certainly not have anything in your supplies that suits your furnishings layout suggestion. As an instance, I wished to produce a jungle theme with synthetic snakeskin, but I did not have any type of artificial snakeskin. I currently had an excuse to shop as well as acquire some.

    4. Use iron-on transfers to customize your ottoman as well as pillows. Find an image and also print it on unique transfer paper made to iron into textile. Craft stores usually have several different transfer documents to choose from. I find cotton fabrics work best for a job such as this. For my fake snakeskin furnishings, I determined to include a large tiger to the leading surface of the footrest. I had the ability to do this utilizing these transfer sheets. Also, I had the ability to iron a little design onto the front of a pillow. This detail gave the furnishings a distinct quality.

    5. Add trims and other embellishments. When you are in a fabric store, you will finally have a reason to acquire several of those stunning ornamental trims.

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