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    o They put on clothing that share their individual character, soul and also body. https://youtu.be/w2VYdQo1lMQ

    o They fascinate and astound people with their knowledge, concepts, compassion as well as concern for others.

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    o They are physically and also emotionally irreplaceable. You could not put one more body, face, or individual in their place. Their personalities are dynamic as well as attractive and when they are gone they will be sorely missed.

    o They are not "dramatization queens" or "queens" they are easy to obtain together with and are group players. They have a humbleness as well as humility concerning them that is breathtaking.

    o They are not involved in intimate connections where they are not recognized and also appreciated by their partners. They are either delighted alone or in a committed connection with a man that enjoys them unconditionally.

    o She does not attempt to act or use attire for a lady who is half her biological age. She looks healthy and balanced and delights in remaining in her own skin and also shows an indescribable charm. She has interests, talents as well as capabilities that she displays in a positive light. She enjoys offering and also sharing her wisdom as well as life experiences with others.

    o As she ages, her makeup comes to be extra refined, not as a style statement but merely since she has actually learned over time that her real appeal could not be concealed below her makeup.

    o She is not scared to say no. She has learnt how to recognize her time in the world. She is not an individuals pleaser as well as does not permit others to enforce their requests on her time.

    o She is confident in expressing her own opinions, ideas, and also ideas without stressing over annoying others. She is certain and also smart enough to accept and value opinions that are different from her own without really feeling endangered.

    o You cannot identify why she is beautiful. She just is

    Number 5 ...

    The Teddy Bear

    A German teddy bear from around 1954. The Teddy Bear wased initially introduced in 1903 and also has been a staple of youth since. The Teddy Bear obtains its name from President Theodore Roosevelt, whose label was "Teddy." The name originated from an incident on a bear-hunting journey in Mississippi in November 1902, in which Roosevelt chose not to eliminate a badly defeated as well as bound Black Bear. The bear had been established for Roosevelt to fire by his fellow hunters since he had been the only one that had not eliminated anything so far during the trip. When Roosevelt saw the bear he chose not to shoot it himself, deeming it unsportsmanlike, and got his fellow seekers to have the bear eliminated and placed it out of its misery. Later that month a political comic artist captured wind of the tale as well as published a drawing of the incident in the Washington Message.


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