• 5 Actionable Tips To Improve Your Website’s SEO

    SEO remains one of the most important aspects of building the digital profile of your business. Even if you have great products and great online content, this will be moot if nobody is able to find your pages.

    While the field of SEO is dynamic and constantly changing, there are some established best-practices that, if followed closely, will lead you to consistently increase your prominence in the search results of major search engines.

    Let’s look at five specific and actionable tips that you can implement right away to improve your website’s SEO.

    Make Your Pages Mobile-Friendly

    Ever since Google recalibrated their algorithm to focus on mobile-first indexing, it has become more important to make sure that your pages work well with all manner of mobile devices. More searches are conducted on mobile devices and the proportion is increasing with each passing year.

    To ensure that your pages are compatible with mobile devices of different types, then you can use one of several software tools to verify this compatibility, or simply test it out for yourself just to be sure. Hiring a search engine optimization agency in Jacksonville is also a good option for those who are less tech-savvy.

    Add Visuals To Your Content

    Content marketing companies recommend that you add visual elements to make your content and pages rank higher in search results. With images and videos, your content will not only be more attractive and easier to digest for your audience, such as on Charlotte social media channels, but with alt text tags you can use images to add more keywords and rank higher.

    Maintain Links And Fix Broken Links

    Search engine optimization experts in Jacksonville recommend that you ensure that your website is always functioning properly in order to consistently rank highly. Regularly going through your links to make sure that they do not lead to any dead ends is an important part of this process.

    Boost Your Page Loading Speed

    The speed and responsiveness of your page are increasingly important for ranking at the top.Making sure to use the free tools from Google to optimize and test the loading time of your page is an easy way to make big gains in the ranking of your pages.

    Include Contact Information

    Many SEO professionals highlight the fact that simply including your contact information, and potentially links to your Charlotte social media pages, will enable you to better establish your credibility with Google’s ranking system. Better credibility means better results in the search rankings.

    Work With A Jacksonville SEO Digital Marketing Agency

    The above tips will allow you to start the process of optimizing your websites for SEO on your own. However, to get the most out of your efforts, it is worthwhile to invest in the professional services provided by a digital marketing agency or content marketing company.

    Explore the options in your area and find a team that will help you bring your pages to the top of the search results.


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