• 10 Things To Avoid When Detailing Your Car

    10 Things To Avoid When Detailing Your Car


    Without a doubt there are many different approaches you can take towards detailing your car. Sometimes it can be a lengthy process depending on the condition, size, and quality of your vehicle. However, even with the most experienced of detailers it’s easy to overlook things and make simple rookie mistakes. It makes a huge difference to have a thorough understanding of the basic car detailing processes before diving into it.  The good news is that most of the rookie mistakes people make are easily avoidable. Take a look at our list of the 10 things to avoid when detailing your car and you’ll be on your way to being a car-detailing expert.


    1.     Don’t Use a Drying Towel to Remove Dirt

    A lot of the time after washing their car people will realize there are many spots they missed as the car starts to dry. This is a common problem and even though it can be frustrating to backtrack the best thing you can do is to bite the bullet and re-wash those spots. What many people do instead is they just use a drying towel to rub out any remaining dirty spots. It may seem like a quicker and easier alternative but it is actually counterproductive because it rubs the dirt and material up against your car and will create scratches and potentially could seriously damage your paint, which will cost you. Another thing to avoid is using a squeegee or anything of that nature to dry your vehicle because they can also scratch your paint.


    2.     Don’t Use Too Much Wax

    Another thing many people don’t understand is that anything more then two coats of wax is overkill. Often times people get “wax happy” and they seem to think that the more wax, the better but this is not the case at all. Using a lot of wax like that creates a super thick coat, which cannot adhere to the paint as well. So as a result it just becomes a waste of wax and essentially a waste of money. The best way to approach it is to keep it simple and don’t over-do it. Put down a base coat to start off and then a light second coat just to fill in any spots you might’ve missed and that’s all you need.


    3.     Take Care of Your Towels

    It’s important to wash your towels after every wash. Often times towels are left out and re-used over and over and dirt can build up much faster then you think. Also try to avoid using fabric softener with your towels and never forget to wash all your different towels separately.


    4.     Don’t Clean Your Wheels and Tires Last

    The number one rule of car washing is to wash your vehicle from the top down, so many people like to wash their wheels and tires at the very end. This may make sense at first, but what happens a lot because the wheels and tires are generally the dirtiest part of the car,is that the dirty water will splash up onto the rest of the car when you wash them. So to avoid this from being a problem it is actually best to start with the wheels and tires before proceeding to wash your car from the top down.


    5.     Don’t Put Wax and Coatings Directly Onto the Paint

    Another common mistake people make is that they tend to pour their wax and coatings directly onto their car’s paint. It’s much more effective to pour the wax and the coating onto an applicator first. By doing this you prevent the product from building up too much in a certain area, it’ll last longer, and it’ll look better.


    6.     Don’t Use Household Soaps

    Although regular dish soaps would get the job done for the most part it’s not the best for your car. Dish soaps can actually strip away your wax and coatings that are there to protect your exterior.


    7. Avoid CleaningYour Windows With Ammonia Based Cleaner

    Ammonia based cleaners are very bad for your car’s interior. Ammonia will slowly eat away at your precious upholstery even if it’s not apparent at first. Try to use cleaners that are more gentle and forgiving on your car’s interior.


    8.     Use Appropriate Cleaners

    It may seem like any type of cleaner will get the job done and that can be the case, but it is better to use some cleaners over others depending on the type of surface. Using the appropriate cleaner ensures the longest life for your surfaces and will look the best in the long run. Hard plastics require a different type of cleaner as opposed to soft plastics or other types of surfaces so it’s just one more thing to be aware of when cleaning your car’s interior and/or exterior.


    9.     Don’t Clean Isolated Stains

    Many people are tempted to only address the stains when cleaning their interior but this creates cleaner spots and will make the remaining fabric or carpet looking dirty. It’s much more practical and effective to just take the extra few minutes to really clean the entirety of your car’s interior. This ensures everything looks fresh and even.


    10.           Don’t Wash Your Wheels And Car With The Same Sponge

    This is probably one of the more common mistakes as well as one of the most detrimental. Your wheels are by far the dirtiest and most contaminated part of your vehicle so it is without a doubt a terrible idea to use that sponge to clean your car. It won’t just encourage a buildup of dirt, brake dust, iron, and contaminates but it also will almost guarantee you scratch your exterior.


    As you can see, the list of common detailing mistakes goes on and on. When it comes to taking care of any vehicle it’s essential to get into better habits. The better you take care of your car, the better it will take care of you. With just a few simple changes you will be on your way to being a car detailing expert.


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